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9:00am I Saturday, Sept. 16th I 7.0 Miles

Course Map

Elevation Profile

Runners can expect a little over 1,500 feet of accumulative elevation gain.   

7 mile 2022 PNG.png

The 7-mile course heads down the entrance road and almost immediately turns right at the rock column gate (less than a quarter mile) down a dirt road leading to a footbridge.

Runners will go over the foot bridge and turn left, taking you up a road turning into a meadow. Keep your eye out for orange flags!! 



Volunteers at your first aid station will direct you up the hill. Keep looking up for the flags! There is not a marked trail here, you are running through an open grassy hillside.


Runners will head up to head through South Red Canyon. Here you will see beautiful views of the deep red earth of the canyon walls, and scramble through single track and berry bushes. This is bear country! Bear spray is encouraged but not required. 

At mile four, runners will reach the second aid station. For the first time, you will not turn right! Aid station volunteers will direct the seven-mile runners to take a left and continue up the North Red Canyon. This section is a mile of climb! Relief can be found at the top where the last aid station of the course is located. From here, the course takes a wide loop downhill to the finish line!

**The course is marked with orange flags, orange ribbons, and orange spray paint. 

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